Canon EOS 700D, astromodified & cooled

I will not describe in words what I’ve done with the Canon EOS 700D, i’ll just describe the peltier cooled part in pictures.

I bought this Camera for 165 Euros used on ebay-kleinanzeigen and astromodified it myself using this tutorial.

I deviated from the tutorial by getting out all filters and not replacing them with anything at all.

After that I cut a whole into the back of the Canon EOS 700D, big enough to fit cooling fins onto the back of the sensor array. I glued it on with warm (not hot!) hot glue. The rest is in the pictures… enjoy!

used Canon EOS 700D165
Cooling Fins on Sensor5
Noctua 40mm x 40mm x 20mm16
Peltier Cooling Array35
Noctua 80mm x 80mm x 20mm26
Cables, Connectors, Thermostat, Cooling PSU10 + 10 + 10 + 26
Grand total astromodified and controlled cooled APS-C astro camera303
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