Optolong LRGB 2“ Filter Set

Product Link: https://www.optolong.com/cms/document/detail/id/105.html

These filters work together as a set. They are mostly used on monochromatic cameras but can also be used on color cameras. They are used to bring out more detail on planetary targets like Jupiter or Saturn, but they are also useful if you want to image galaxies, reflection nebulae or just stars of different colors.

R stands for the Red Filter, which only lets red light pass; respectively G and B stand for green and blue light pass filters.

L stands for Luminance. After combining the red, green and blue channels to a single pictures, you can add the image collected with the Luminance Filter to basically illuminate the RGB Picture. You therefor get a combined picture with four channels: LRGB

Example pictures will be posted once they have been made with the Community Rig or if someone in the community will have provided some example pictures to this process.