Become a Pilot

Anyone on the Astrobiscuit Discord Server can pilot the Community Rig.

For that, you will need to have earned yourself a trusted status, which is mostly done by interacting with the community in a conducive manner. Inmature or destructive behaviour will deem someone unfit to pilot the Community Rig.

To already prepare yourself for piloting the Community Rig, you need to know your bearings in KStars and EKOS. Please find and have a look at tutorials about KStars and EKOS on your own.

Once you have achieved a certain knowledge on where what functions can be found, you can approach a Community Rig Pilot and ask one of them to show you how to use the Community Rig over one or several sessions.

Once proficient, you will be given the Community Rig Pilot role as well.

Prepare and preplan your imaging session

Before you go onto the Rig, be sure to have planned a target, or several targets, you would like to visit or image.

You can use KStars, Stellarium or other planetarium software of your choice to choose targets. All the necessary information is contained on this quick reference site.

Install your preferred planetarium software.

  1. Be sure to get the right skies by reading off the location coordinates of the Community Rig and put them into your planetarium software. The skies will shift to show the current star situation over Bamberg.
  2. Then choose the target(s) you’d like to image over night. Research the target and find out if it is a nebula which emits or reflects, a galaxy, etc.
  3. According to the targets chosen, preplan which filter should be used that night with the Community Rig to get the most out of the pictures you shoot.