Train for the Rig

You can dry-practice with the built-in simulators in KStars. The only trouble is, the simulators only run in an Linux or OS X environment. You can install yourself a Linux environment for Windows machines with a virtual machine. Which one and what Linux distribution you choose, is up to you, as long as you can install KStars on it.

Once you have installed KStars, start and close all welcome splash screens without completing the wizards, so you arrive in a similar view like the following.

Click on the world icon on the top left to set the location of the sky. Filter for the city of Bamberg and doubleclick on the only item left in the selection box: Bamberg, Germany, then click OK.

You now have the sky of Bamberg, where the Community Rig normally stands.

Start EKOS by clicking on the little observatory icon on the center top and close the wizard.

The Simulator Profile is preselected, just hit the “Play” Button in the top center and all the simulated devices will connect. Close the INID Control Panel, which appeared on connection.

You are now up & running with the device simulators. You can now do your first steps and get acquainted with the telescope cockpit to become a fully fledged Community Rig Pilot!